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Welcome to Walesify.com, your number one source for all information. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of information, with a focus on reputation, recognition and priority. Walesify Web Service is a non-governmental and non-political agency (private owned). 

Major among Walesify.com’s features include: sport updates, recent local and international news, daily devotionals,  colleges and universities news and updates, primary and nursery, scholarships, articles, projects, career, job vacancies. In addition, the website also features advertisements from businessmen and companies who wish to promote their products and brands on this platform.

It has developed a rich heritage as the most entertaining, refreshing, authoritative, detailed and reader friendly website in the country. Walesify.com is a user-oriented website which also appeals to the users to make good use of every information passed via this platform. Very importantly, to meet the growing demands of the end-users.  

Comprehensive Journalism

Producing content of the highest quality is the basis for winning the trust of our customers and the public at large. All of us at Walesify Inc– the company as well as every individual – defend the practice and promotion of the principles of journalistic integrity.

At Walesify.com, we do not aim to sway our readers and the public toward any particular point of view but rather that they understand the facts, and thus be able to come to their own conclusions. Therefore, Walesify.com aims to provide the whole story, after learning about it as best as we can, and then explain it in a complete and unvarnished manner.


We are non-partisan at Walesify.com, we decide independently which subjects we cover. We always aim to transmit the full story without any influence from financial or advertiser’s interests.

Walesify.com Web Service is conscious of its reach and responsibility. Therefore, the agency accepts and takes responsibility for any errors it might make and is committed to correcting them in a visible location.

Contributions to the Society

In pursuit of its aim and objective of a better life for the people of the world  the website also seized the advantage of technology via mobile to contributed greatly to finding solutions to the crisis amongst institutions and students thereby initiating public discussions on our official social pages (Facebook, Twitter) to attend to complaints and possibly make suggestions on how to resolve/go about them.

Categorically, it is a website with a penetrating reach to all the nooks and crannies of the world which is today complemented by the most sophisticated, global readership through the internet address, https://www.walesify.com. Walesify is a reference point in educational research and journalism. We dare say that we serve the menu hot and fresh in this area and a high level of professionalism is used, thus, this is too obvious to warrant any serious argument.

News Sources

British Broadcasting Corporation

Cable News Network

Hindustan Times


Al Jazeera


I hope you enjoy reading with Walesify.com as much as I enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.