Quality Aspects Of A Great And Good Teacher

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  1. The teacher should be a good listener.
  2. The teacher should have high sense of humor that will reduce the line of barriers between the pupils and the teacher.
  3. He /She should have lots of creativity to teach young minds.
  4. He /She should constantly motivate their pupils or students.
  5. A good teacher is an effective communicator; he/she should be able to adopt the methods that will help all categories of different pupils. Some pupils learn fast through visual, some through audio and some through constant touching and practice.
  6. A good teacher make herself/ himself available to all pupils, this will make the teacher to know the pupils that need extra assistant.
  7. A good teacher allows the pupils to ask questions
  8. A good teacher has class-room rules and procedures which will help pupils know what is expected from them and how the pupils can help themselves.
  9. A good teacher encourages cooperation and sets an example with other pupils.
  10. A good teacher is flexible and able to change lessons, in order to accommodate the needs of the pupils.
  11. A good teacher respects all pupils and encourages good performance.



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