History of Objective and Theory Questions for Primary 5 in Nigeria Schools

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History of Objective and Theory Questions for Primary 5 in Nigeria Schools

  1. A strong feeling of love for one’s country and willingness to sacrifice for it is known as (a)country (b)sacrifice (c)none of the above (d) c and a (e)all of the above
  2. One of the following is not a factor for growth of nationalism (a)newspaper (b)Herbert Macaulay (c)Political dominance (d)Colonial education (e)I don’t know
  3. One of the following is a nationalist (a)Obansajo Sanni (b)Ahmadu Bello (c)Muhammadu Buhari (d)Tukur Buratai (e)Grammar
  4. Herbert Macaulay was born in _________ (a)Osogbo (b)Lagos (c)Niger (d)River Niger
  5. The first Nigeria secondary school is ________ (a)CMS Grander School (b)CMS Gramer School (c)CMS Gammerr School (d)Ajayi Crowther School(e)CMS Grammar School
  6. The maternal grandfather of Herbert Macaulay is (a)Bishop Ajali Crowther (b)Anglican Bishop (c)Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther (d)Bishop Shop (e)Reverend Ajala Crowther
  7. _________, _________, _________, fought for the independence of Nigeria (a)Obafemi Awolowo, Christian Church, Nigeria (b)Obafemi, Awolowo, and Nnmadi (c)Obafemi, Balewa and Queen Elizabeth (d)Obafemi Awolowo, Nnmadi Azikiwe, Tafawa Balewa (e)Colonial Masters, Chief, Obas
  8. The celebration of the independence took place at (a)Freedom Park (b)Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS in Lagos) (c)Maura Garden (d)Aso Rock (e)Bishop Ajayi
  9. Nigeria is also a federation (a)true (b)false (c)never (d) I don’t know     (e)All of the above
  10. A constitution contains _______ (a)saw (b)flaw (c) claw (d)law (e)loaw
  11. How many types of constitution do we have (a)2 (b)3 (c)6 (d)1914 (e)7
  12. The believe of god’s or gods’ existence is known as ___________ (a)Creation (b)Religion (c)Traditional religion (d)Christianity (e)Tradoreligion
  13. How many major religions do we have in Nigeria? (a)1 (b)2 (c)3 (d)4 (e)5
  14. The place of worship for the traditional wprshippers is (a)Shrine (b)Museum (c)Church (d)Mosque (e)School
  15. Islam believe in the teaching of __________ (a)Prophet Muhammed (b)Jesus (c)Ogun (d)god (e)water
  16. Who first moved the motion of self governance? (a)Ahamdu Bello (b)Jaja of Opobo (c)Obasanjo Tukur (d)Sanni Oba (e)Anthony Enahoro
  17. Who is on ₦5note? (a)Tafawa Balewa (b)Awe Maura (c)Tai Solarin (d)Tafawa Balewo (e)Obafemi Awolowo
  18. Who is drawn on ₦100? (a)Chris Brown (b)Obafemi Awolowo (c)Adeleke Davido (d)Naira Marcus (e)Obafemi  Fella
  19. Who is drawn on ₦20 note? (a)Tope Alabi (b)Anthony Enahoro (c)Gen. Muritala Mohammed (d)Buhari Aisha (e)Osinbajo Femi
  20. Who is the present governor of Osun State? (a)Dr. Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola (b)Aregbesola Ogbeni (c) Professor Osinbajo (d)Fela Anikulapo (e)None of the above
  21. Who is on ₦200 note? (a)Ahamudu Bello (b)Nnamdi Azikiwe (c)Pastor Ajayi Crowther (e)Everybody
  22. Who is drawn on ₦500note? (a)Ogbeni Rauf (b)Pastor Oyetola (c)Nnmadi Azikiwe (d)Money (e)Ahamdu Bello
  23. Who is the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria? (a)Alapata Joel (b)Supreme Court (c)Governor Godwin Emefiele (d)Governor Wingod (e)All of the above
  24. All the nationalist possess the following qualities except (a)education (b)selflessness (c)sluggishness (d)leadership (e)ability
  25. All worshippers portrays one of the following (a)church (b)Quran (c)candle (d)alter (e)Prays
    Each question obtains 5marks
  1. What is Nationalism? 2mks
  2. What does nationalist mean? 3mks
  3. List the three arms of government  3mks
  4. Mention the two types of constitution 2mks
  5. What is the difference between ‘Federation’ and    ‘Republic’ 5mks
  6. What is religion 2mks
  7. How many types of religion do we have in Nigeria? Name them. 3mks
  8. (a)What is federal republic 3mks
    (b)What is traditional religion 2mks
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