History Objective and Theory Questions for Primary 1 Nigerian Schools

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History Objective and Theory Questions for Primary 1 Nigerian Schools
  1. A ______  is a group of people who have common interest (a) community (b) teacher (c) house (d) building (e)sweeping
  2. How many types of community do we have (a) 1 (b) 4 (c)3 (d)2 (e)none of the above
  3. One of these is not type community (a) traditional community (b) modern community (c) book community (d) a and b (e)tree community
  4. Are villages and towns  example of modern community (a) True (b) No (c) Yes (d) I don’t know (e)false
  5. One of the following is not an example of modern community (a) school (b) hospital (c) church (d) hut (e)mud house
  6. Family is a member of the community (a) true (b) false (c) never (d) I don’t know (e)I don’t know
  7. All these people are in our community except (a) Chief (b)Aunt (c)Imam (d)none of the above (e)trees
  8. __________ is a place where buying and selling takes place (a) school (b) market (c) science laboratory (d) all of the above (e) card board
  9. We must be obedient children (a) always (b) never (c) sometimes (d) not at all (e) sometimes
  10. We must do all the following except (a) orderliness (b) obedient (c) fighting (d) respect (e)All of the above
  11. _________ is a man who has done something brave and achieved something great (a) Hero (b) Spiderman (c) PJ mask (d) all of the above (e) Riro
  12. The colour of Nigerian flag is ______ and _____ (a) white and yellow (b) green and white (c) brown and suede (d) black and yellow (e)black and green
  13. __________ is a place where people who are ill are treated by the doctors (a) house (b) mosque (c) hospital (d) church (e) mansion
  14. The place where the king of a town lives is __________ (a) palace (b) mountain (c) cradle (d) church (e) Bush
  15. The king in Yoruba land is known as ______(a) Beske (b) Oba (c) farmer (d) Emir (e) Ijoba
  16. A ___________ is a place where we learn to read nd write (a)church (b)mountain school (d)market
  17. _______________ is a place where christains worship god (a)church (b)school(c)imam (d)community
  18. The ___________ worship in the  mosque (a)muslims(b)chriatains(c)shrine (d)school
  19. A place where police officers stay is _________ ( a)police station (b)home (c)church (d)none of the above
  20. We must do thing in an orderly manner (a)no (b)false (c)true (c)none of the above

Each answer carries 8 marks
  1. Mention a hero in Nigeria
  2. Mention the two types of community
  1. Rules are _____________
  2. Mention one member of the family that you  know
  3. Mention a rule in the community  
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