History Objective and Theory Questions for Basic/ Primary 3 Pupils in Nigeria

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History Objective and Theory Questions for Basic / Primary 1 Pupils in Nigeria

  1. The traditional colour of the Idoma is how many (a) 2 (b) b (c) 4 (1)
  2. The traditional colour of the Idoma is (a) Black and yellow (b) red and black (c) red
  3. The Igala People can be located in __________ (a) Isale Aro (b) Isale osun (c) Kogi State (d) Rivers
  4. The Igala people believe in ___________ (a)God (b) Phone (c) Ground (d) dance
  5. The Kalabri is a tribe  of ____________ (a) The Jaw people (b) The Icho Peole (c) The Ijaw people (d) The Iyo people
  6. The Ijaw people can be found in ___________ (a) Water (b) Rivers State (c) Osun State (d) Kalabari State
  7. Some Igala people are ________ and ________ (a) farmer and sprinter (b) fishermen and hawkers (c) farmer and fisherman (d) all of the above
  8. We can say a Kalabari man is wealthy (a) by the number of people he has in his house (b) by the language he speaks (c) by the way he wander (d) by the number of animals he kills
  9. Is Mumuye a tribe in Nigeria (a) never (b) not sure (c) I can’t say (d) none of the above
  10. The Mumuye people are primarily ___________ (a) angrily people (b) agricultural people (c) warders (d) none of the above
  11. The Okun people are ___________  descendants (a) Hausa (b) Igbo (c) Calabar (d) Yoruba
  12. The Okun people are from ________ state.(a) Yoruba state (b) Kogi State (c) swahili state (d) river State (e) Abuja
  13. The Okun people shares boundaries with how many state(a) 10 states (b) 5 states (c) 2 states (d) only one
  14. The Okun people migrated from __________ (a)Mife (b)Abia (c)Okun (d)Osogbo (e)Ile-Ife
  15. One of the following is a Local Government in Okunland (a)Yagba (b)Okun (c)Ilei (d) Deity (e)Ojo
  16. Okun people share boundary with ___________ (a)Lagos (b)Ogun (c)Oshodi (d)Sweden (e)Ekiti
  17. In Okunland the speak __________ (a) Hausa (b)Igbo (c)Idoma (d)None of the above (e)All of the above
  18. A __________ led a group of people to the location now called Yagba (a)Prophet (b)Bus (c)Reverend (d)Big canoe (e)Man
  19. The Kalabari travelled with a ___________to trade. (a)Large canoe (b)Small canoe (c)Medium canoe (d)Smaller canoe (e)Large bus
  20. The Kalabari people were among the first to come in contact with the __________and __________ in Africa (a)British and Americans (b)Indians and Korean (c)Portuguese and Europeans (d)Portuguese and Fulani (e)Yoruba and Igbo


  1. The Igala people call God _______________
  2. Mention three three Local Government area occupied by the Okuns
  3. List the Igala traditional colours and what they stand for
  4. Father in Igala land is ____________
  5. List five things that the Kalabari people exchanged with the Europeans and what they got in return.
  6. Highlight two agricultural products of the Mumuye people   
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