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INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions.
  1. Bonjour     (a) good afternoon    (b) good night  (c) good morning
  2. Bonsoir madame (a) good evening madame (b) good morning sir (c) good night my friend
  3. Comment cava? (a) I am fine (b) thank you (c) how are you
  4. Comment va votre famille? (a) sleep  (b) sit down (c) how is your family
  5. Ca va bien merci (a) how are you    (b) I am fine thank you  (c) good bye
  6. Ca va tres bien?  (a) no news (b) good night   (c) I am very fine
  7. Comment vont les enfants? (a) go out  (b) sleep (c) how are the children
  8. Les enfants vont bien  (a) the children are fine (b) I am not (c) look
  9. Comment vont les affaires? (a) how is business (b) I am running (c) no sir
  10. Les affaires vont bien (a) I wish you (b) business is fine (c) lock wed
  11. Comment vont les etudes (a) how are your studies? (b) very well (c) till next Monday
  12. A demain (a) any news   (b) no news (c) see you tomorrow
  13. A bientot (a) see you later   (b) yes (c) no
  14. Bon weekend (a) till next time   (b) till Monday (c) have a nice weeken
  15. Bon voyage (a) have a nice trip  (b) good night (c) good day

Use verb “to have”, verb “to be” and verb “to go” to choose the correct answers in these sentences
  1. J’ _________ N100    (a) as   (b) ai  (c) ont
  2. Abeeb _________ un cahier   (a) as (b) at (c) a
  3. Youssouf _______ a Lagos   (a) va (b) vais (c) vont
  4. Je _________ un garcon  (a) suis (b) est (c) es
  5. Sherif _______ ge’ant  (a) est (b) es (c) sont
  6. Malik ________ une gomme (a) a   (b) as (c) ai
  7. Malik et Mariam ________ 10 milles (a) ont   (b) as (c) a
  8. Sherif et Youssouf _______ Kano  (a) vont (b) vas (c) va
  9. Je _______ a la maison (a) vais    (b) vas (c) va
  10. Tu ________ malade (a) es   (b) est (c) ai
  11. il _________ une voiture  (a) a (b) as (c) ont
  12. Nous ________ a l’ecole (a) sommes  (b) suis (c) vont
  13. Vous _______ arbitre (a) etes   (b) sont (c) vont
  14. Elle ________ infir mi ere  (a) es (b) est (c) ai
  15. Il _________ musician (a) sont   (b) es (c) est
(A)    Answer these words in French language
i.    Enjoy your meal __________________________
ii.    Good luck _______________________________
iii.    Good night ______________________________
iv.    Have a nice day __________________________
(B)    Write these numbers in French words
i.    12 _____________________
ii.    14 _____________________
iii.    15 _____________________
iv.    60 _____________________
v.    70 _____________________
vi.    75_____________________
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