Consumer Agents and their functions

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The production of goods and services is not complete until they get to the final consumer. This is carried out through distribution. The distribution of goods among consumers is done by people who are referred to as distributors in a market or otherwise known as consumer agents.
a.    WHOLESALERS: They buy goods from manufacturer and sell them to retailers. They buy in bulk or ‘wholes’, hence they are referred to as wholesalers also pass information from retailer to manufacturers to discover how their products can be improved, and give them information about consumer references.
b.    RETAILERS: Retailers buy in small quantities from wholesaler and sell to consumers. In other to satisfy the wants of individual consumers. In order to satisfy the wants of individual consumers, retailers have to buy and stock small quantities of a variety of goods. So retailers by small quantities of as many of the various goods needed by consumers as possible. They also pass information from consumers to wholesalers. Retailers may also allow certain customers who are credits worthy to take goods on the understanding that they will pay for them later.
    There are two main types of retailers:
i.    Small scale retailers, who include hawkers, market and road side stall holders, and single shops.
ii.    Large scale retailers who include co-operative societies, departmental shops, supermarkets etc.

c.    HAWKERS: There are many hawkers in Nigeria. These are consumer agents who carry a few basic articles, such as sardines, matches, bread, fruit vegetables etc in a tray or box and sell to consumers. Hawkers enable consumer to buy goods they need without having to travel a long wayfrom their houses or offices. Hawkers are plentiful in car parks, around offices, along roads and streets. It may, however, be more expensive to buy from hawkers than the market.

1.    They get market information from consumer and get it across to manufacturers.
2.    They carry the taste of consumer to the manufacturer
3.    They make goods available to consumer.
4.    They break bulk and sell bit by bit to the consumers.
5.    They offer credit facility to consumers
6.    They provide after sale services to the consumers.

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